New York

  • Curlisto Diametrix Cutting Technique - Demo

    Curly hair clients are unique because they are very knowledgeable about their hair, therefore the more you know the more they will trust you!

    How One Cutting Technique Benefits All Curl Types:
    Christo will perform and explain why Curlisto Diametrix Cutting Technique works best for curly hair. This technique features the innovative “inner layers sliding texturizing cut” which helps reduce bulkiness and avoid the pyramid-like shape that is often synonymous with curly hair. Apply this technique on any type of curl, and deliver perfect styling – curly or straight!

    • Diametrix Cutting will teach you how to approach any type of curl, from kinky to wavy, to deliver the perfect cut!
    • Achieve healthy, hydrated curls and learn how to give a cut that shapes rather than thins
    • Perfect your consultation to achieve the best results
    • Gain further understanding of your client's curls and texture
    • Perfect styling when finishing curly or straight

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