May/June 2022 Magazine



  • Alfaparf Master Colorist 2-Day Program - Course 2

    Course Two, 2 Days

    Course 2:
    Choosing the correct red formulation can be challenging. Adjust tonal quality utilizing natural underlying pigmentation to create benchmark radiant reds.

    Learn to define and create bold blonde statements. Perfect the art of blonding using Alfaparf Milano color.

    Please come prepared with all working tools. Completion of the course assignment is required before your attendance in the second and third courses of Master Colorist. All 3 classes must be taken to receive a Master Colorist Certificate.

  • Alfaparf Master Colorist 3 Color Correction

    Course 3, 2 Days
    Color Correction 
    Theory + Hands-On

    Be immersed in the art of color correction. Learn how to gain the technical confidence to determine the problem and how to attain the correct solution. 

    Instructed by Michele Flores - Alfaparf National Master Educator + Master Colorist!