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amika: blowout babe thermal brush

blowout babe thermal brush

by amika:

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amika: blowout babe thermal brush has a thermal ceramic barrel and nylon bristles that create that “just blown-out” look, without the use of a blow dryer or hot air.

Features & Benefits:
1.5" Ceramic Barrel - emit far-infrared heat that instantly penetrates the cortex of the hair cuticle, heating from the inside out. The hair is heated evenly and in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage.
0.5" Nylon Bristles - to gently grip, smooth and style all hair types and lengths.
Ionic generator - to increase negative ion output resulting in shiny, smooth, frizz-free results with zero static.
356°F / 180°C temperature - to smooth all hair types and textures.
Heat resistant handle, cool tip design and lightweight body - to guarantee easy, comfortable and safe styling.
Ready And Able - an easy grip, 9 foot 360° swivel cord made of heat-proof, up to 450ºF (232ºC), fabric and a professional hook makes use and storage simple.
100–125 V
1-Year Warranty - for extra protection.
On dry hair, simply use the bombshell blowout thermal brush as you would a round brush and blow dryer to achieve a smooth, voluminous blowout in half the time.
For added shine - activate the negative ion generator! Simply slide the on/off button all the way up until it glows red, then green.
For more volume and body - activate the negative ion generator! Simply slide the on/off button down until it only glows red.
How hot do the stylers and curlers get?
All amika ceramic and titanium stylers, as well as amika digital titanium pro curlers feature adjustable temperatures up to 450°F. The interchangeable curlers are adjustable up to 430°F and the tourmaline infused clip-free curlers reach a consistent temperature of 410°F.

Are they ok to use on all hair types?
Yes! The stylers have an adjustable temperature control, making them perfect for fine, medium and thick hair types. The curlers are also ideal for all hair types and can curl even the straightest hair with no styling products needed!

Are the tools compatible abroad?
Yes! Our styling tools (everything but the full size hair dryer) are dual voltage which means they are completely safe to plug into your converter and use. The voltage and power are listed in the pamphlet inside each product box if you’d like to check compatibility.

Do the stylers and curlers lose heat when being used?
Titanium maintains complete and uniform heat distribution, and will not lose any heat while being used.

Why is the styler pulling the hair?
We aim to make amika™ stylers gentle on all hair types. If you feel that your styler pulls your hair, you may be holding the plates too tightly while pulling through your hair. If you are using products in your hair prior to using the styler, this may also be the cause. The heat from the plates penetrates the product before the hair shaft, causing the pull you feel when gliding the styler down your hair. Try to avoid using mousse, gels, and pomades before styling. Instead opt for a silicone product such as our Obliphica Oil Treatment or Obliphica Heat Defense Serum.

What is the buildup on the plates and how do you clean it?
The buildup is actually product, dirt, and other environmental toxins that were once in your hair. The amika Styler Cleaning Kit makes it easy to clean your styler. The kit contains a gentle cleaning spray and soft micro-fiber cloth, so you can rest assured that your styler will not be damaged during the cleansing process.

What happens if the end consumer’s styler no longer works?

In the rare event that your styler is defective, you can have peace of mind with a one year included warranty. Simply fill out the warranty card included in your styler box and submit a copy of your receipt along with a check made out to amika for $22.95 for shipping and handling in the continental US or $30.00 for Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii. You also have the option of purchasing an extended warranty through • Two year extended – $19.99

What are the effects of using amika™ styling tools on a daily basis? Will they damage my hair?
Absolutely not! amika styling tools are made from durable heating elements, free from metal, which protect your hair from the heat. Of course any excessive amount of heat, no matter what the material, will damage your hair over time. It is always suggested to take care of your hair by using a deep conditioner at least once a week, and using a silicone-based oil or heat protectant before styling.