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Charcool Beyond Blonde Shampoo Liter

Beyond Blonde Shampoo

by Charcool

  • UPC: 195893614653
  • SKU: CHC-02-BBSL
  • Size: Liter
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No red, orange, & yellow, Charcool's Beyond Blonde Shampoo is based on VEGETABLE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL and THE CERTIFIED OATS EXTRACT, it purifies, detoxifies and effectively contrasts and eliminates residual red, orange and yellow reflections.

Features & Benefits:
Leaves a shiny and shimmery hair surface
Hydrates hair to reveal a healthy and smooth blonde
100% Vegan
Apply on wet hair.
Massage for a few minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.
Repeat if necessary.
VEGETABLE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, also known as Black Diamond, is composed by a rich variety of essential bioactive nutrients and physiologic components such as silicon, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, and potassium. It also contains additional nutrients such as B vitamins, an antioxidant, an anti-aging, a rebalancing, and a restructuring action.

THE CERTIFIED OATS EXTRACT is extracted from Oats cereal. The grains provide many benefits for the skin and hair. The extract has both moisturizing and soothing benefits. The magic is within a substance called “betaglucan”, which encloses around the hair and skin, creating a film that holds the moisture necessary to their vitality.