DevaCurl DevaFuser


by DevaCurl

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DevaCurl DevaFuser is a unique, universal diffuser that is the best helping hand your curls could ever ask for. Its 360-degree airflow completely surrounds curls from the roots to the ends for speedier drying time than traditional diffusers. The new ceramic inner core helps preserve moisture keeping curls frizz-free and shiny. The patented DevaFuser gives natural curls gorgeous shape and definition, while creating touchable volume.
Insert the barrel of the hair dryer into the end of the DevaFuser

Push the DevaFuser onto the hair dryer gently, making sure that its firmly attached. Do not push it past the silicone band and the 4 Horizontal Vents above the band (see figure 1). These vents must remain unobstructed at all times.

Turn the hair dryer on. Set the heat to low or medium temperature. Lower temperatures are gentler on curls and will reinforce all of the benefits of using the DevaFuser (more shine, less frizz and more natural texture). Do not use more than medium heat as overheating can cause damage to both the hair dryer and the diffuser.

To remove the DevaFuser, grasp above the band and pull gently to separate from the hair dryer

Do Not block the hair dryer rear air inlet at any time during operation.

Always ensure the hair dryer rear air inlet grill is free from any obstructions such as lint or loose hair before each use.

To extend the life of your hair dryer and DevaFuser, regularly clean the removable filter.

The universal, one-piece adapter fits most commercially available hair dryers of the following size specifications:
Barrel Diameter: 2” to 2.5” (5.0 cm to 6.4 cm)
Barrel Circumference: 5.5” to 6.5” (14.0 cm to 15.5 cm)
Barrel Length: 2.5” to 6.5” (6.4 cm to 15.5 cm)
Q: Why should I use a diffuser on my curls?
A: Although all hair types can be dried with a diffuser, it mostly benefits curly hair, as diffusers dry curls with reduced airflow and indirect heat, minimizing frizz. Using a diffuser can also help enhance the appearance of natural curl and create body and volume. In addition, the air released by a diffuser is distributed over a larger area, which reduces the hair damage associated with standard blow-drying.

Q: What does it mean when it states that the DevaFuser ‘dries from the inside out’?
A: The DevaFuser, which has over 50 air vents on both the front and back of the ‘hand’, provides a 360-degree airflow to completely surround curls. These air vents diffuse underneath (inside) curls, while the fingers cradle your curls to create and retain definition and reduce frizz.

Q: How can I get more volume and lift with my DevaFuser?
A: For maximum volume potential, cradle the ends of your curls in the diffuser.Next, move the DevaFuser up to your scalp so the hair is scrunched in the ‘hand’. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat in each section. Start on the sides of your head and then work to the back. Continue this scrunching motion with the diffuser until your hair is 80-90% dry.

Q: What is the best way to diffuse longer hair with my DevaFuser?
A: Use the DevaFuser hand for your hair as a catcher, collecting your curls from the bottom up and work the DevaFuser at a 90-degree angle while moving upward to your roots. You can hold your hair for as long as 30 seconds as you lift your hair up.

Q: What is the best temperature setting for my hair dryer when using the DevaFuser?
A: Always select the low or medium heat when using the diffuser, as damage may occur to both hair and the diffuser if higher heat settings are used. In addition, never block the hair dryer rear air inlet at any time during operation.

Q: Does the DevaFuser fit all dryers?
A: The universal, one-piece DevaFuser adapter fits most standard, commercially available hair dryers. This includes the following recommended hair dryer size(s):

Barrel Circumference: 5.5” to 6.5” (the measurement around the barrel)
Barrel Diameter: 2” to 2.5” (width of barrel)
Barrel Length: 2.5” to 6.5” (Barrel must be at lease 2.5 inches and not more than 6.5 inches to fit the DevaFuser)