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PremierLash Purity Clear Adhesive Rapid Dry 0.17 Fl. Oz.

Purity Clear Adhesive Rapid Dry

by PremierLash

  • SKU: PML-10-PA5
  • Size: 0.17 Fl. Oz.
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PremierLash Purity Clear Adhesive Rapid Dry is the latest no-carbon adhesive featuring a 0.5-1 second set time, the fastest of all their adhesives. Purity works well in both arid and humid climates with a range of 15-70% RH. Purity adhesive is ideal for experienced lash artists with low fumes and an incredibly strong and lasting hold.

Features & Benefits:
No carbon
Oil Resistant
Latex/Formaldehyde FREE
Retention - 7 to 8 weeks
Viscosity - Thin
Color - Matte Clear
Fumes - Minimal
Structure - Flexible
Environment: 68-78°F Temperature 15-70% RH/Humidity
Clients eyes must remain closed during the entire procedure. DO NOT apply to self.
Shake vigorously before each drop, as the adhesive will separate when settled.
If this is not done the first drop will be extremely concentrated and can cause irritation.
We recommend using a Mini Vortex Mixer where liquids are swirled in a vortex, not shaken for better results and no air bubbles.

Dispense a small drop onto a sanitary surface, adhesive has a watery consistency that glides smoothly to eliminate any ridges or bumps.
Adhesive works best if dispensed into a glue-well to maintain freshness and the glue ball.
After each use, clean both tip and cap using Adhesive Wipes.

To accelerate the curing process, we suggest using our Lash Ultra Bonder to immediately cure the adhesive while eliminating the source of fumes and increasing the bonding strength.
Alternatively, a nano-mister can also be used.
The cloud like, ultra fine mist reduces the curing time of adhesives. Also provides cooling relief to dry eyes.

Lash Room Conditions:
Use only in a well-ventilated room, away from harsh chemicals such as acrylic nails, hair color, perms, etc.
Humidity and temperature directly impact how the Infinity adhesive behaves. Use an Hygrometer to optimize your environment and maintain temperature and humidity levels.
Ideal setting is 68-78°F Temperature 15-70% RH/Humidity.

Shelf Life: 2 months opened, 10 months unopened.

Store upright & out of direct sun, UV light will damage the adhesive.
Store in the original packing or airtight Adhesive Storage Container with silica packages.
Stable formula, do not refrigerate/freeze due to condensation. DO NOT STORE WITH ADHESIVE REMOVER.