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Virtue® ColorKick® DE-BRASSING SHAMPOO uses a 100% natural colorant blend to brighten, tone, and gently neutralize brassiness on natural and color-treated hair shades, including silver and gray. Plant-derived humectants hydrate and detangle hair, while our proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein strengthens and repairs all hair types with each use.

ColorKick® DE-BRASSING SHAMPOO is the only toning shampoo that combines our strengthening and reparative Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein with an all-natural blend of violet and lavender botanical extracts to gently neutralize brassiness on all shades of color-treated, highlighted, and natural hair. Other ingredients nourish, detangle, hydrate, and offer protection from UV rays and pollution to create a formula unlike anything else.

A warm blend of bright and calming ingredients including yuzu zest, chamomile, and creamy sandalwood.

All shades of natural color
All shades of color-treated or highlighted hair
Silver and gray tones

• 95% of women immediately felt their hair color looked
more vibrant
• 93% of women felt their hair color looked brighter
and more revived after 1 week
• 95% of women felt their hair looked shinier and
less brassy after 2 weeks

Blonde hair* Red hair*
• 100% of women immediately saw that their hair color
looked more vibrant
• Brassy/red/orange tones were 100% immediately less noticeable
• 100% of women felt their hair color looked more revived
after 1 week
• 100% of women said their hair looked less brassy/orange,
healthier, and shinier after 2 weeks

Gray hair**
100% of women immediately saw their hair looked revived and shiny
100% of women felt their hair looked less brassy/yellow after 1 week
After 2 weeks, 100% of women felt their hair was more vibrant
and were more satisfied with their hair color than usual

Brunette hair**
85% of women immediately felt their hair was healthier and more vibrant
After 1 week, 85% of women felt the orange/brassy hue was less noticeable
After 2 weeks, 85% women felt their hair looked less brassy/orange/red, shiner, and brighter
Consumer perception on 57 panelists using product for 2 weeks.* 17 panelists classified as Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Red ** 20 panelists
Apply to wet hair.
Massage into a rich lather for at least 60 seconds.
Rinse and follow with preferred Virtue® conditioner or Restorative Treatment Mask.
Use a minimum of 1–2 times per week, or 2–3 times per week for optimal results, alternating with your current Virtue shampoo.

Special Blend of Chamomile Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Red Cabbage Extract, Purple Ginseng Extract, and 100% natural Salicylic Acid from Wintergreen Leaf Extract Provide subtle, cumulative brightening of yellow tones and rinse away brassiness.

Turmeric Root Extract
Works in conjunction with a mineral complex to provide antioxidant protection and protects from the damaging and color-distorting effects of UV/solar exposure, environmental pollutants, and free radicals.

Viola Odorata Flower/Leaf Extract in conjunction with Lavender Flower Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract
Neutralize brassiness and reduce yellowing in a broad range of both natural and color-treated hair tones, including silver/gray hair.