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Zotos Design Freedom Tinted Alkaline Perm

Design Freedom Tinted Alkaline Perm

by Zotos

  • UPC: 074469408752
  • SKU: ZOT-01-71122
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Zotos Design Freedom Tinted is an alkaline perm that provides durable, firm and resilient curls. Design Freedom Tinted perm gives you creative flexibility. Water wrap for delicate hair or for soft, open curls. Lotion wrap for thick and resilient hair or for firm and defined curls. Design Freedom Tinted’s AHA enriched neutralizer with GFE leverages natural grapefruit acids to lock in curl while providing both shine & manageability.
1. SHAMPOO: Gently shampoo hair with a clarifying or chelating shampoo and 
towel dry. 
2. WRAP: Choose wrapping technique: water wrap for softer look, lotion wrap for 
firm texture, and combination wrap for varying curl patterns and special effects. 
Block hair into sections. Wrap smoothly with minimal tension. 
a. Water Wrap - If hair dries, lightly mist with water. 
b. Lotion Wrap – Apply waving lotion to one section at a time. If hair 
becomes dry while wrapping, lightly moisten with waving lotion. 
c. Combination Wrap – Section off area to be lotion wrapped and secure. 
Step 1: wrap complete water-wrap section, following directions above. 
Step 2: wrap complete lotion wrap section, following directions above. 
3. APPLY WAVING LOTION: Place cotton around hairline and towel at the nape 
of neck. Puncture tip of waving lotion with T-pin. Apply lotion, saturating each 
rod thoroughly and evenly. Place plastic cap over all rods and secure. 

Hair Type Wrap Type Without Dryer
Tinted Water Wrapped 15 minutes
Tinted Lotion Wrapped 5 minutes 

4. RINSE : Rinse hair thoroughly for at least 5 minutes with warm water. Towel 
blot each rod thoroughly. Finish off by using a paper towel to blot entire head. 
5. NEUTRALIZE: Shake neutralizer. Puncture tip with T-pin. Thoroughly saturate 
each rod. Save ½ oz. (15ml) for later use. Wait 5 minutes. Gently remove rods. 
Work remaining neutralizer through hair for 1 minute. 
6. RINSE: Rinse hair thoroughly for 3-5 minutes with cool water. Towel blot. 
Wait 48 hours before shampooing or conditioning. 

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