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Zotos Feels So Lively Regular Exothermic Perm

Feels So Lively Regular Exothermic Perm

by Zotos

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Zotos Feels So Lively Regular is ideal for coarse, wiry, gray hair and long, heavy styles. Exothermic perm that delivers well-defined, bouncy curls every time. Feels So Lively Regular perm yields easy-to-manage texture and long-lasting curls. The gentle, exothermic waving lotion evenly penetrates the hair to create beautiful, conditioned curls. No test curl needed.
1. SHAMPOO: Gently shampoo hair with a clarifying or chelating shampoo and 
towel dry. 
2. WRAP: Block damp hair into sections and wrap. Do not wrap with wave lotion. 
If hair dries, lightly mist with water. Wrap smoothly with minimal tension. 
3. APPLY WAVING LOTION: Place cotton around hairline and towel at the nape 
of neck. Shake Activator. Pour Thermalizer into Waving lotion and shake gently. 
Lotion will become warm. Puncture tip of waving lotion with T-pin. Apply 
lotion, saturating each rod thoroughly and evenly. Remove cotton. Place plastic 
cap over all rods and secure. 
 Hair Type Test Curl Time Processing Time
Normal, Resistant, Fine/Limp None 20 minutes 

4. RINSE : Rinse hair thoroughly for at least 5 minutes with warm water. Towel 
blot each rod thoroughly. Finish off by using a paper towel to blot entire head. 
5. NEUTRALIZE : Shake neutralizer. Puncture tip with T-pin. Thoroughly 
saturate each rod. Save ½ oz. (15ml) for later use. Wait 5 minutes. Gently 
remove rods. Work remaining neutralizer through hair for 1 minute. 
6. RINSE: Rinse hair thoroughly for 3-5 minutes with cool water. Towel blot. Wait 
48 hours before shampooing or conditioning. 

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